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Underwire - Melbourne Fringe

I'm just going to start with this: Underwire is well and truely worth the sprint to get from work to The Butterfly Club for this 5:30 masterclass in cabaret writing and performance. Presenting to a near-sold out audience on opening night, Gemma Caruana is perhaps one of the funniest, wittiest and talented cabaret performers in Melbourne. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Presented by Mover's Call Theatre Company, Underwire is a 60 minute insight into the teenage life of the now 20-something Gemma Caruana, who as a youngster, found herself sporting a larger-than-life pair of breasts. Now before you go and call her "lucky", Caruana has some hilariously shocking and shockingly hilarious stories accompanied by hard hitting truths that will both make you laugh, consider, and perhaps even cry. Directed by Sarah Frencham, Caruana's incredibly clever comedic timing is undeniable. The writing is witty and the delivery doesn't miss a beat. As Caruana navigates her way through some very personal anecdotes, at no point does the show ever feel preachy or tired. Teenage years are awkward for most of us, but Caruana's experiences take that to an entirely new level, addressing everything from social interactions to Michelle Bridges oh-so-offensive fitness empire, all with non-stop flair and humour.

Accompanied by Connor Dariol on both piano and guitar, the pair also share a fantastic chemistry on stage, with Dariol providing some cute backing vocals and prop assistance. What's really impressive about the structure of this show, is that it isn't overtly musical, but when it is, it really packs a punch. The show is beautifully balanced between fantastic chunks of dialogue and brilliant song parodies. The music always serves the story and never once feels indulgent, combining both live performance and some very clever use of pre-recorded tracks.

This is a show that deserves a sellout crowd every night. If you love to laugh - this show is for you, if you love live theatre - this show is for you, if you have breasts - This show. Is. For. You.

Playing until October 9th at The Butterfly Club. Grab your tickets now

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