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Theatre Works - Why we need to support independent theatre

You Should See It has never posted an article that wasn't a theatrical review. But today, we are making an exception.

Theatre Works St Kilda was founded in in the 80s by a group of VCA graduates who were looking for a home for their theatre company - Theatreworks. In 2009 the building was named Theatre Works, and the rest is history.

Theatre Works has been a mainstay of the Melbourne theatre scene for decades. Housing incredible theatrical productions by independent, tiny theatre companies right next to sensational international acts. They provide a space for experimentation, innovation and diversification. If you want to see something new, crazy, fantastic or though-provoking, Theatre Works has you covered.

There aren't many spaces of this quality in Melbourne that support and embrace independent and new theatre like Theatre Works - in fact, you can count them on one hand. And this space has survived and thrived because of the support of the community - buying tickets, spreading the word and sharing the love.

This theatre has survived lockdowns, funding cuts, cancellations and the avocado-on-toast saga. Only 15% of Theatre Works’ income is a result of government funding. The rest comes from ticket sales, the bloody delicious café and donations.

And now - they are staring down the barrel of an economic crisis that could kill it all.

To quote one of our most recent reviews:

"Shows like this are the reason I love theatre. Theatre Works has been a long-time supporter of independent theatre and its creators. And for that, we should be eternally grateful, because that support means we are able to see incredible pieces of theatre like TRASH POP BUTTERFLIES: Dance, Dance, Paradise."

Theatre Works supports an incredibly rich and diverse arts culture in Melbourne, but can only do that if we support them. And right now, they need a lot of it.

Theatre Works has just launched a mammoth fundraising campaign. With an aim to raise $30k in 30 Days, now is the time to spread the word about saving one of Melbourne's staple houses of theatre, to support future generations of independent theatre makers and creative risk takers.

Not everybody has cash to splash, but when it comes to something like this, every dollar counts. Every mention counts. Every bit of support counts. Because we need spaces like this. We need new theatre. We need to support the arts. We need to save Theatre Works.

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