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Stories from the Choir - Melbourne Fringe

5 Stars

In the age of digital doof-doof and bass drops, the art of choral music is seemingly a dying artform. Trust me, by the end of Stories from the Choir, you'll be wishing that you too, were part of one.

Led by the ethereal conducting of Juliana Kay, the choir weaves their way through a range of choral styles, nearly all of which is a cappella and without a starting note. The singing is, in one word, perfection.

There is not a single weak member in this choir. Every voice fits together like a perfect piece of a musical puzzle. Each song is completely captivating and the staging is brilliantly complimentary to the story.

What makes this Stories from the Choir so wonderful is the inclusion of audio interviews which are woven seamlessly throughout the show. The stories are endearing, charming, funny and heartfelt. Nothing feels forced. The whole show just flows from story to song without a single moment that leaves you wondering if you left the stove on.

Whilst the entire choir is outstanding as a whole, there are two members that shine in their featured solos. Daniel Felton's rendition of City Called Heaven pierces right through to the soul. His range is mellifluous and his performance is an absolute stand out of the evening. Alongside Felton in the male section of the choir (hooray for boys that sing!) Alex Ritter presents a range that crosses three of the four choral vocal ranges with an ease and precision that defies description.

Seeing a group of young adults come together in a joint love and passion for what is such a pure and almost fading artform is so special. This is a truely magnificent show and my absolute pick of the Melbourne Fringe.

Stories from the Choir runs as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival until Saturday September 29.


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