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Popcorn - Powderkeg Players

Love Quentin Tarantino? Particular fan of Natural Born Killers? Then this is the play for you. Ben Elton's 1996 novel was transformed into a play two years after publication, and now it's being performed in North Sunshine for a limited season.

The show lands us in the lounge room of multi Academy Award nominated movie director Bruce Delamitri. In true Tarantino form, Delamitri is a fan of making movies where the kill count is as high as the hem lines. Delamitri finds himself in the middle of a media frenzy about a couple who has decided to go on a killing spree. The media is pointing the finger at Delamitri's films, which sexualise murder and provide inspiration to potentially unhinged members of society.

A cast of nine, there are three absolute standouts in this production. Sam Marzden plays the odd eccentric-ties of Delemitri with balance and control. As the infmaous 'Mallrat killers', Patt Ryan and Lucinda Keating are killer (pun intended). In the role of Wayne Hudson, Patt Ryan has an incredibly commanding stage presence, switching from cheeky and chill to overwhelmingly threatening and dominant in an instant. His chemistry with Keating as Hudson's sidekick "Scout" is solid. Speaking of, Keating's performance in this play is nothing short of outstanding. Somebody get her an agent and an MTC booking. If there was ever a dry moment on stage, Keating's next line always kicked the show back into the gear. An incredibly natural and truely engaging performer.

Directed by Ashley Weidner, this production is a truely enjoyable piece of theatre. It's funny, it's intense, it's shocking and it's chaotic. The actors make great use of Stephen Andrew's very sharp set, and I must make mention of the clever movie posters that adorn the wall.

This show is a gem that I recommend for fans of Ben Elton, Quentin Tarantino and general lovers of theatre alike.

Popcorn is playing at Dempster Park Hall until the 1st of May. Tickets can be booked here

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