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MICF Simon Taylor: Is A Super Funny Boy

2021, it’s good to be back. Simon Taylor, a veteran of the ’Fest is back with a warm, honest and hysterical show. As a long time fan of Taylor, I can honestly sum him up thus: Simon Taylor is genuinely funny. A strange statement to make given the nature of the festival, but if you’re looking for a show outside the “Town Hall bubble” that will give you a good hit of the giggles, this is the show for you.

A fantastic improviser, voice actor and presence, Taylor uses his own life and experiences as the basis for his work. His ability to perform a comedic long-con is brilliant and the way in which he interacts with, and bounces off his audience, is welcoming and and grounded.

I whole heartedly will always recommend Simon Taylor when asked for Comedy Fest suggestions. He’s unapologetic about who he is, and really knows how to read a room. Simon-Taylor: Is a Very Funny Boy is no exception.

Be sure to check him out at The Toff and grab a copy of his book (which I cannot wait to dive into) on your way out.

Simon Taylor: Is a Very Funny Boy is running at the Toff in Town until April 18. Tickets can be purchased here .

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