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MICF- Nat's What I Reckon: On Purpose

Viral Facebook video sensation, Nat is finally off our phones and onto our stages. The isolation-sensation took to the stage of the Comedy Club to a full house of mullets and bandshirt-wearing alternatives, all ready fired up for the string of F-Bombs coming there way. And boy, does he deliver.

Known for his foul mouth and long locks as he curses all those shortcut jar pouring home chefs to firey depths of hell, Nat 's show was written for the 2020 Festival; before he was a famous iso-chef.

This is what is perhaps most striking when you realise very quickly that this show has absolutely nothing to do with cooking. That being said, if it's Nat's attitude and sense of humour that attracts you, then this show will not disappoint; just don't expect him to magically whip out a kitchen bench and stove top to teach you how to make mac and cheese.

The show is essentially constructed of two parts; the first instance being live stand up about Nat's life, which was surprising, shocking and interesting, presented with great comedic flair. The second half relies heavily on pre-recorded material, most of which are videos he recorded in Sydney that are very Sydney-specific. I dare say that these did not land overtly well with a Melbourne audience. The laughs began to dampen, possibly due to a combination of the Sydney references and the fact that we were now essentially watching a parade of videos whilst Nat hung out back stage. On top of this, the sound design was ear-splittingly loud which almost distorted the dialogue in what one can assume to be the climax - an excluding Nat's cooking video, shot just for the audiences on the tour.

Nat has a fantastic "no f**ks given* attitude about many things in life (and probably this review). I think those who are a fan of 'all' of his videos (not exclusively the cooking ones) will find this ticks many boxes. Alas, for those who were hoping for a live, long locked cooking demonstration, perhaps we can only pray for a sequel.

Nat's What I Reckon: On Purpose is playing at The Comedy Club until April 4th. Tickets can be purchased here.

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