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MICF - Lauren Edwards: Live, Laugh, Lauren

Last year Lauren Edwards wrote a show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival about how she never wanted to leave the house again. Turns out, wishes do come true.

Now out of her house and standing proudly on the newly revamped downstairs stage at The Butterfly Club, Edwards has emerged a new woman, full of anxiety, opinions and a love/hate relationship with Instagram influencers.

A Down to Earth, dry and blunt woman with sass, who sings like Kerry Butler, Edwards has constructed a solid cabaret that fits perfectly into the Butterfly Club flair. The show is mostly constructed around stories from her life and work experiences, and is interwoven with songs (Including one refreshing original). Though the show lacks in pacing towards the end, the show is an overall people pleaser from a woman who’s main goal is quite literally to get you to “like“ her.

Lots of laughs are to be had if you can snag one of the few remaining tickets. Live, Laugh, Lauren is playing at The Butterfly Club until April 4. Tickets can be purchased here.

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