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Fish Boy and Fire Dyke - MFF

Fish Boy and Fire Dyke is a sensational piece of theatre. Hosted at Theatre Works: Explosives Factory, this show invites you onto a comedy train and keeps you chugging and chuckling the whole way.

After a reserved start, Kikki Temple, playing Mrs Sparkplug, picks up the pace and establishes herself as a sassy, Libra-coded Supervillain turned super lawyer (a September Libra, naturally). Kurt Pimblett perfectly encapsulates Matt, the person you love to hate. However, Pimblett’s knack for physical comedy quickly turns his character into someone you can’t help but love. Michael Sakinofsky, as Fish Boy, looms over the action both in their tall stature and commanding personality, throwing quick quips and witty comebacks with the same speed and energy as a stand-up comedian.

MVP on the ground must be director, writer, and actor Bugs Baschera in their role of Fire Dyke. Their conversational dialogue, chemistry with fellow actors and physicality pull you into the world of the play and the mind of their character. Juggling direction, writing, and acting is no easy task, but Baschera does it effectively, beautifully, and seemingly easily.

Fish Boy and Fire Dyke is the superhero-themed sitcom the stage has been waiting for. A deliberate and innovative set takes you straight into the living room of our ex-superhero duo and has you feeling like you’re at a mate's place on a Friday night. And the effective use of props. Outstanding.

Fish Boy and Fire Dyke is a dark dramedy that pulls apart nepotism, transphobia, racism, and capitalism while making fun of the rich and famous. With an all-queer/trans production team, Fish Boy and Fire Dyke serve to champion voices within the trans community.

A show you need to see for yourself, for your queer/trans friends, WITH your queer/trans friends. A must-see this season.


Fish Boy and Fire Dyke is playing at Theatre Works: Explosives Factory as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival until October 14th. Tickets and further information can be found here.

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