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Butterfingers - Mish Wittrup - MICF

Fans of the incredible sensation that is Aunty Donna will be familiar with the bundle of joy in the shape of a human that is Mish Wittrup. Each year at the Comedy festival it is sometimes difficult to find female comedians who don't use the stage as a platform to say "Hi, I'm a woman, so I'm going to spend the next 50 minutes talking about marriage, children, vaginas and men." Wittrup's new show Butterfingers could not care less about all of that. The show is a sobering reminder of what it is to be a human in a world of "No Regrets"....yet is filled with regret.

Never before have I walked into a show and had the topic of the conversation I literally just had in the foyer - be a solid chunk of the show I'm watching. It's that relatable. And that's what makes it so incredibly hilarious.

Wittrup hates audience interaction, so there's no fear of being asked "what's your name" in this one. Amidst her complete bafflement over the uneven heating of the earth that causes hot air to rise, move and cool down, are a range of hysterical anecdotes about lies, email addresses, the Qantas ad and sex shops.

Wittrup is funny, grounded, dry and too-real. Using an inspirational quote as the central point of all of her gripes with life, Butterfingers is 50 minutes of non-stop belly-laughs, giggles and gasps. Directed by award-winning comedian, Michelle Brasier, this is a must-see of the 'fest. Then once you exit the building, jump in your car and put on the hilarious podcast 'Leguizamarama', which Wittrup co-hosts alongside Aunty Donna's Zach Ruane. Basically between all of the projects she is involved in, you can fill your life with weeks and weeks of non-stop Wittrup...which might officially now be the weirdest thing I've ever signed off a review on.


Butterfingers is playing at Campari House on Hardware Lane as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until April 23. Tickets and further information can be found here

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