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Business Women’s Luncheon: Your Ticket To Financial Freedom! - MICF

Working as a teacher meant I attended a lot of meetings filled with inspirational videos featuring pictures of sunsets and waterfalls. This experience is shared by people in a whole range of professions; especially those who been a part of a pyramid…sorry…."umbrella" scheme.

Business Women's Luncheon is the ultimate empowerment hoo-ha. Led by two girl-boss actors, this is 50 minutes of non-stop giggles and gasps. Diedre Dunning (Sarah Bartolo) and Pam Kruger (Lauren Edwards) welcome you to a hyper-camp conference, dedicated to embracing your womanhood and pushing the sales of....something. The tension between the two thick, the hair is high and colour palette is blinding.

Bartolo is absolutely hysterical, embodying the entrapped innocent who has been sucked into a world of corporate madness, forced to smile and sell, sell, sell. Her voice kicks butt and she provides a shockingly funny but oh-so-real performance - highlight being her portrayal of the Zen goddess of money.

Edwards is a seasoned cabaret performer, who nails the assertive, dry and gaslight-y Pam. Always providing comedy that makes you reconsider the way that you live your own life, you should check out Lauren's solo show coming up later in the festival (deets at the bottom of this review).

This is great show for wine-mums, sucked-in sales consultants and anyone who is obsessed with #empowered, #blessed and #girlboss.


Business Women’s Luncheon: Your Ticket To Financial Freedom! is being performed as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival at The Butterfly Club and is running until April 2.

Tickets and further information can be found here

Tickets to Lauren Edward's solo show Everything is a Lie can be found here

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