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The Aspie Hour - Melbourne Comedy Festival

5 Stars

2019 Green Room Awards - Best Writing in a Cabaret - WINNER 2019 Green Room Awards - Best Ensemble in a Cabaret - NOMINATED

Pretty impressive accolades.

The Aspie Hour has returned to Melbourne's fringe scene by popular demand. And within the first five minutes of the opening number, you will know exactly why.

Out of respect and admiration for this entire production and it's performers, here is my ASD friendly review. Because as a fellow lover of lists and keeping things real, this review aims to give you all the facts, straight.

1. This will feel like the shortest hour of your life. It's still an hour, but it won't feel like it, because this show is THAT fun.

2. Ryan Smedley and Sophie Smyth are incredible singers, dancers, actors and writers. On a small cabaret stage, in a small theatre space, they give the biggest and best performances you will see in the festival this year.

3. This show is very, very, VERY funny. It is also educational, interesting, heartfelt, moving, honest and once again, very funny.

4. Rainer Pollard is the best cabaret accompanist I have ever seen. Ever. And I've watched a lot of cabaret.

5. I am aware that point number 4 may put me out of a job as a fellow cabaret accompanist. But he's just that good.

6. Smedley and Smyth both present very honest and open stories about their lives living with ATSD in very personal ways that whilst mostly comical, remain truthful and sincere.

7. If you love musicals (like, really love musicals), you will get aaaaaaaaaaalllllll of the jokes.

8. If you don't know much about musicals, you will still get all of the jokes (thanks to the fantastic structure of the dialogue).

9. But if you REALLY love musicals, this is the PERFECT show for you.

10.If you love to laugh, and aren't afraid to unexpectedly cry in a room full of strangers, then this is again, the perfect show for you.

11. This show is directed by Fiona Scott-Norman. Who is a superstar writer and - as is evident in this show - also a superstar director.

12. I am obsessed with the Wizard of Oz and was severely distracted by Smyth's ruby slippers. I may own 13 pairs myself, but that doesn't stop me obsessing over them when I see somebody else wearing them.

13. This cabaret is a MASTERCLASS in musical comedy.

14. Lists that don't end on '0' or '5' make me uneasy.

15.This show is on every night (excluding Monday) until April 7th at The Trades Hall in Carlton.

Tickets are available here.

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